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24 - 30 Springfield Avenue, Potts Point


ERA on Springfield and The Village Centre have recently been completed on a 1500 sq.m site on the heart of Potts Point. The site was previously occupied by the old Kings Cross Village Centre which was demolished in 2007.

In its heyday the Kings Cross Village Centre was the retail and commercial hub of Kings Cross and Potts Point and was the central meeting place for the people of King Cross, Potts Point and Elizabeth Bay.

ERA on Springfield now comprises 44 luxury lifestyle strata title boutique office suites in a five storey building over the Village Centre. Each suite has a bathroom with shower and a kitchenette with integrated dishwasher and refrigerator.

The new Village Centre comprises 16 specialty shops on the ground level fronting Llankelly Place and Harris Farm Markets on the Springfield Avenue lower ground level.

The new building was designed by Stanisic Associates Architects and constructed by Richard Crookes Constructions with completion in December 2009.

Due to officially open in early 2010, ERA on Springfield and the Village Centre have been designed to high environmental standards with innovative features to attain an equivalent 4 1/2 star Australian Building Greenhouse Rating. (ABGR ).

These features include a five storey high breezeway through the centre of the building, an elevated garden courtyard, airy verandahs enclosed by glass louvres, energy use meters and rainwater harvesting for irrigation.

The people from the Macleay Street area will once again be able to take the short cut “ants track’ through the Village Centre to and from Kings Cross railway station and pick up their fresh food and specialty goods on the way.

The Village Centre will once again make available a new and invigorating meeting place in this previously neglected location.

The new Village Centre will inject new life into the immediate area and provide a major contribution to the City Council’s visions for a revitalised Potts Point and Kings Cross.


For more information on the commercial office suites for sales and leasing, contact:
Sales Manager Mark Desmond 0401 693 443

Please click here to visit the ERA website

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Era on Springfield and The Village Centre
  Era on Springfield and The Village Centre
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