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About Us

The Hayson Group has established a reputation over 40 years for identifying new areas of opportunity and creating properties of quality and innovation.

Ian Hayson has been Managing Director since establishment of the group and continues to direct and manage the company’s activities today.

M Central, Pyrmont
Over the years the company has set many industry precedents. It developed Australia’s first super high-rise serviced apartment complex, the Golden Gate in Surfers Paradise. In Sydney it acquired large areas of underdeveloped inner city property. Through its extensive developments in the inner city it became one of the first companies in Australia to develop the process of residential and commercial strata conversion on a large scale. The conversion of many centrally located, disused warehouses for residential use resulted in Australia’s first true loft apartment complex.

In addition, The Hayson Group developed and redeveloped office and retail projects, including Skygarden in Sydney’s Pitt St Mall, the Manly Wharf retail development, the Kogarah Town Shopping Centre, Cremorne’s Metropole shopping centre and Hillsdale’s Southpoint shopping centre.

Perhaps most significantly, Hayson was the first private developer to recognise the potential of Darling Harbour. The group also built and operated the Harbourside shopping centre. The group’s development of Darling Harbour has been a catalyst for the transformation of the inner city of Sydney.

The Hayson Group has developed some of Sydney’s prestigious luxury apartment buildings, which have set a new standard in innovation, quality and design integrity. Lumina in East Sydney and Top of the Town in Darlinghurst and M Central at Pyrmont are some recent examples.

Through skilled marketing the company ensures that its innovative product achieves mass attention and recognition. Whether strikingly progressive or projecting elegance and luxury, the marketing campaign for each development has consistently succeeded in reaching the target market effectively.

The Hayson Group’s industry innovations and successes

Southpoint Shopping Centre, Hillsdale
  • Large scale marketing of strata title home and the concept of inner city living 
  • Acquisition and sale of numerous home unit sites to developers
  • Construction and development of Australia’s first high rise apartment complex
  • Developing the process of residential strata conversion on a large scale
  • Initiating and developing the process of commercial strata conversion
  • Acquisition, master planning and development of large tracts of run-down inner city property
  • The first in Australia to sell a private home for more than $1million
  • Introduction of the loft concept to Australia
  • Recognition of the potential of Sydney’s Darling Harbour, where the Group played a seminal part in its master plan and built the first private development, Harbourside
  • Identification of the vast development potential of Pyrmont and subsequent purchase and development of nearly 465,000 m² of property.
Over the past 40 years The Hayson Group of Companies has been at the forefront of property development, identifying new areas of opportunity and innovatively designed projects. The Hayson Group prides itself on its longevity, strong industry reputation and superior product.
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